Game Over

"Let's Talk About Death Baby"


Interactive object with animation and process book.

(Practical part of my thesis) 2015

The practical part of the thesis addresses the discussed topic in general as well as specific writing of G. Lipovetsky on contemporary individualism. According to Lipovetsky this individualism neither excludes any helpful action nor is it contrary to charities.
However, it is a different – passive form of charity which does not require much effort and engagement of the individual. Specifically, I focus on television charity programs which combine everything – suffering, entertainment and drama with a pleasant feeling of redemption at the end – the viewers can be satisfied as they are the ones who have contributed and helped with their participation on the show. However, for certain types of media charity events, the profit is the main goal and they follow the rule “showing more suffering brings more money”.

The outcome of the practical part of the thesis is an animation inserted in an interactive object - in this case, a slot machine. After inserting money into this machine an animation appears (we see a crying TV presenter who eventually drowns in his own tears as the player insert more money). The slot machine is meant not only as a cover for the animation but it also includes the aspect of the game as a nowadays common and preferred way of interaction, entertainment, gambling, money, unbound lifestyle which is paradoxically very limiting in terms of potential addiction to gambling. At the same time, it represents a symbol of a sad altar which dissolves the hopes of the “lost” gamblers that have felt for the vision of winning and forth blindly keep trying their luck.


Jan Juráš - composition and sound design

Andreas Gajdošík - multimedia support

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